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Dinghy Sailing

Any day of the year, be it Winter or Summer, you can learn to sail under the blue cloudless sky that is typical of the Mar Menor. Our expert instructors can initiate you in the sailing techniques necessary to sail a Snipe, Laser or a 470 craft within the protected shores of the Mar Menor. Our tranquil sea is especially calm during the first hours of the day, a fact that has ranked it as the best dinghy sailing school location in Europe.

Learning how to sail using the power of the wind is the first stage of your initiation into dinghy sailing. Essential learning such as the different parts of the boat, how to raise the sails, how to push off from the shore and how to manage the boat with the correct distribution of weight are all taught during the initiation phase of the course. Once on your way you will progress to learning how to set different courses, how to turn the boat and how to navigate perpendicular to the wind or against the wind or in the wind¿s favor, mastering the art of turning using the wind¿s force.

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