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The sensation of riding a motor boat is a lot like flying just above the surface of the water.  This same thrilling sensation occurs whether you are riding in a light and maneuverable single-seater or in a double or triple-seater and sharing the fun with your partner or a group. Motor boating on the Mar Menor is sure to be one of those experiences you always remember with a shiver of excitement.

On the Mar Menor you can reach speeds that are unthinkable on other seas and galloping across the waves on board a jetski is the surest way we know for lovers of speed and excitement to get their dose of adrenaline. We also offer our clients the option of joining a guided excursion led by our experienced guides. Their intimate knowledge of the area means you can have fun and discover new locations with them whilst they are taking care of all the important details and, importantly, of your security.

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