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Exploring the Mar Menor from the seat of a canoe is an adventure sport. Among the many possibilities a canoe offers there is the chance to visit any of the five islands: Barón, Redondela, Sujeto, Ciervo or Perdiguera. Another option is to visit the Las Salinas natural park in San Pedro de Pinatar or make your way across one of the five passes that join the Mar Menor to the Mediterranean Sea.

Canoeing for beginners is a course that teaches how to best maneuver a canoe in the water, how to maneuver the various types of canoes, how to transport and how to get in and out of them correctly. Before jumping in the water your instructor will lead a short warm-up session to prepare you for the physical exertion required. A canoeist needs a few important pieces of equipment such as the oars (your means of pushing the canoe through the water), your lifesaving jacket and, in colder waters, a neoprene wetsuit.

Canoeists have various styles of canoe to choose from:

-Canoe: an open craft, of Canadian design, in which the canoeist moves through the water using an oar with only one blade.

- Kayak: a craft based on a Canadian Eskimo design that is almost completely covered and in which the crew are seated and move through the water using an oar with two opposing blades.

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